Intelligent Home

There are many systems that claim to create an intelligent home, most of these are audio video systems that have been elevated to the task, so what you have is a system that can switch a light on or open a blind !, but no true intelligence.

Our disappointment with many of the system commonly in use set us on a search for a truly capable solution, ultimately our search lead us to KNX. This standard has been The dominant intelligent building control throughout Europe for some time, in fact, KNX celebrated its 20th birthday in 2010.

It provides us with an un-paralleled level of choice with products and functionality, unique to KNX as it is an ‘open standard’ with over 220 manufacturers (and counting) producing a wide spectrum of products. These include manufacturers such as Siemens, Hager and ABB to name a few.

KNX offers the widest choice of styles and finishes of any intelligent home system on the market. We are able to supply products in a variety of styles and finishes, from minimalist to the ultra-modern and from gold plated to aluminium (even solid bronze)

For homes that require switches to remain in keeping with a traditional theme, it is even possible to incorporate conventional rocker switches from manufactures such as Brassart and Wandsworth without losing many of the benefits of modern keypads.

But what is an intelligent home ?. There are many views on its definition but ultimately it should, in our opinion, have the following goals


One of the core purposes of an Intelligent Home is to simplify the day to day use of all its features; be it heating, lighting, blinds, audio-video systems and pretty much anything else you will find in a modern home.

Using timers and sensors we can provide a home that can adapt to changes in environment and events. It could even send you an email if you need reminding of something. Our air-conditioning controls can inform you a filter is due to be cleaned, for example.


Having an intelligent control system running the home yields great benefits, from simplifying the running of a home to improving its efficiency. It makes sense for the left hand to know what the right hand is doing !

This means you can open a window but be sure that the heating or air conditioning in the room is temporarily turned off.


The idea that you need big, unsightly and expensive touch screens in every room is simply not true.

KNX keypads are capable of controlling lighting, heating, blinds and much more. Seldom used tasks can be accessed from a central (stylish) touch screen or even an iPad, iPhone or PC/Laptop. But then with automation, this is something you won’t need to use too often.


With rising fuel costs and dwindling resources this has become, understandably, the biggest cause for concern in the past few years. KNX has a proven tack record for forward thinking and innovation. We are able to implement lighting and HVACHeating Ventilation and Air Condition controls which can substantially reduce a buildings energy consumptionBased on a four-year series of measurements, the use of KNX control was found to reduce energy consumption by an impressive 50%. It is thus clear that the expenditure in building automation system has quick payback. Bremen University of Applied Sciences calculated that, with an annual energy consumption of 230,000 kWh for lighting alone, the investment would pay itself back after just one year with a KNX bus control. Ultimately it is not just the owners/operators and investors who benefit from the reduced energy consumption: the environment does as well.
and therefore its carbon footprint.

KNX can also go further than other systems by using intelligent sensors to monitor the environment internally and externally. From room sensors for air quality to weather stations on the roof and moisture sensors in the garden, we are able to provide a multitude of possibilities to improve the efficiency of your home.

We can also provide your home with energy metering, giving you real time data on the amount of gas, electricity and water being used in an easily read convenient form.

Above all, an Intelligent home should be designed around the home owner’s needs, it is our philosophy to provide a bespoke design in all aspects of our services. It is only from this view point that we can be sure to deliver an installation that lives up to yours and our expectations.

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