Door Entry

We design and install Gira door entry systems, a range with aesthetics and capabilities that surpass all others.

The system can be configured for almost all requirements, from the family home to apartment buildings and because it is from Gira, we can provide a finished system that maintains the same styling as other products from Gira’s Intelligent Home and British Standard (230v) ranges.

For convenience and security you can view and talk to callers using any Skype enable device from anywhere in the home, or even abroad. To further enhance convenience the audio can be integrated to your home’s telephone PBX and video can be displayed on your TV. Beyond this we can even provide access to the audio and video from your PC or laptop.

A selection of ‘keyless’ entry options are also possible, with keypads, transponders and fingerprint readers available. We can even integrate this with our Intelligent Home system to provide intelligent access controls, such as access during selected times or a one off code for a delivery driver (once used the code becomes obsolete).

It goes without saying that the audio and picture quality are of the highest standard, and with the aesthetic and technical options available we are confident the Gira Door Entry system will meet all your requirements.

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