Audio Visual

A custom installed audio-video system is not about having lots of toys, unless that’s what you want !, we believe a well designed and installed system provides convenience, simplicity and a clutter free room.

Our philosophy is to keep the system simple to use while still having all the flexibility required. This does not mean having a big expensive touch screen in every room. Indeed, we can use a small KNX keypad which will control the lights, heating, blinds and provide all the controls you could want from a wall mounted AV device.

It is our belief that a client will, for the most part, want to control the AV or lights etc. from the comfort of their chair bed. To accommodate this we have a wide selection of hand held controls from simple remote controls to touch screens and even your
iPad or iPhone.

It is also possible to incorporate HD video distribution, allowing you to hide your Sky HD boxes and BlueRay player away, in a central location or in a cupboard. Controlling all of this will be simple, intuitive and automated.

We also provide a Home Cinema design and installation service, from an invisible system in your living room to a ground shaking dedicated Cinema Room.

The same design ideals are applied to our Cinema installations, with automation of blinds, screens and lights from the push of a single button.

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